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Wreck This Journal 

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Today we bought this:

Now we have this:  

and this: 

This journal / activity book encourages the owner to step on it, throw it off a building, drag it through dirt, get messy, and be creative. It doesn’t ask you to write down your life dreams or favorite colors, but certainly leaves enough room if you choose to.

Apparently I missed the bus on this because it’s been around for years and a quick Google search will bring up TONS of finished pages competed by young and old. Just check out this page flip on You Tube: 

Artist’s note: The pages are thick enough to withstand water coloring, but bleed when using sharpie. We found using a plain old ball point pen worked best. 

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Special blog by a special teacher 

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When parents send their children to school, they are hoping that their teacher will love that child as if it were their own. 

This blog is by a teacher, and I seemed to find it at the perfect time.  With all the hate and terrorism and scandal and child-crimes, it’s so inspirational to watch someone teach the concept of love. If we teach love, that will be their norm. Hate will be strange to them. 
You can’t ask a teacher to be fun, silly, or interesting, but you should be able to ask that they provide a place where a child feels safe.  I think he is doing it all. 

Watch this video: 

Check out their Facebook page: 

Special Books by Special Kids

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Mosquito bite remedy

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When my toddler gets bitten by mosquitoes, it doesn’t just go away. It turns into a big welt, hard to the touch, warm, and red.  But I just discovered a new oil to put in my “need to carry at all times” keychain: Purify. 

Here’s the before (she gets bit, scratches it to death and it turns into an open sore):  

Here’s what I used:  

And here it is 2 days later (I used a bandaid to keep her from scratching): 


Here’s my keychain (note: I now carry 2, but they are a lot smaller than carrying 5ml bottles): 


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Currently loving: Shade Sunscreen

I am no amateur sun screener. I coat my kids twice at home then reapply constantly at the beach.  I never use aerosols and always make sure whatever cream I use is a “block” with a good percentage of titanium. I have good reason. Ross has already had a big chunk of his lip cut out with a diagnosis of squamous carcinoma.

In recent years I’ve gone away from basic drugstore brands and use whatever won’t let the kids end up with sunburns. We use a popular, very good brand of block that comes in a stick but my kids tend to rub it off quickly and it stains everything (staining a $100 bikini is not a good thing).  A friend made me a jar of homemade salve, but it just doesn’t stay on longer than 30 minutes with even light water play.  California Baby has been my favorite for a couple years because of its staying power and all natural ingredients, until now. 

I’m currently loving: Shade.  I have to admit, I wasn’t a complete believer in it until we tested it in the harsh Australian sun. Once it’s on, it stays on. It’s lasted through rubbing, swimming, surfing, and I don’t find the need to reapply.  At all.  (In fact, it won’t come off unless we use olive oil to rub it off, so the girls have really well moisturized skin right now.) It comes in beige and white. Once on, the beige doesn’t rub off onto our clothing, but Ross and I feel like the white works better for us. 

I know there was a lot of research put into using ingredients safe enough for our bodies and for the ocean. It is gentle enough for babies yet effective for active kids. 

You can buy it online at https://www.shadesunscreen.com .  You can order a sample for $1.75, but if you are near me, just ask me for some.  It will be a staple in my purse or car at all times.  It’s $28 for a bottle that will last you a long time (which is really cheap considering you are SAVING YOUR CHILD FROM SKIN CANCER).

If you try it and don’t like it I will buy it from you. (You know how I like to stock up on things I really like.) It’s that good.

Disclosure: I received this bottle of sunscreen as a gift from the owner of the company for personal use, NOT for compensation or review. It was completely my idea to write this post because I really do love this sunscreen. 

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Tea Tree Obsessed

A few days ago we went to Byron Bay and then drove a little further to Lennox to Lake Ainsworth.

Lake Ainsworth is a big fresh water lake (adjacent to the the ocean) that surrounded by tea trees. The tannins from the tea trees leach into the lake, making the water a reddish murky color with a film of oil on the top. I couldn’t smell anything, but after swimming in the water, my hair felt oh so soft. The girls kept saying how calm they felt – I’m sure soaking in the water had therapeutic benefits. I want to go back.



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Kids, teasing, and a pink sweater dress

Here are my babies on school picture day. This picture melts my heart. See the cat sweater dress Sebbie is wearing? It’s her favorite. But when she wore it to school last week, she got teased for wearing “pajamas”.

So on the morning of class picture day, she hemmed and hawed about wearing that very pink dress again. (In her opinion, it’s her “dressiest” dress.)

Well, she bravely wore it to school knowing she was taking a chance at being teased again. She even put a (very young-ish IMO) princess pin in her hair just because it was fancy. My husband said he hopes she never outgrows her “Sebbie-style”.

I’m so proud of her.



Background info: This is the first FULL year I am not teaching at school. It is the first full year Sebbie has to eat all of her meals in the cafeteria (instead of my classroom) and blend in with the population at every recess. When I was working, no kid dared to do anything to her. I’m scary strict – that’s why.

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Another good Pinterest inspo

I love this idea. On any given day, my kids will run through at least 5 cups EACH, filling and drinking water. I’m happy we have a dishwasher, but it just feels wasteful all around – wasteful with water, with dish washing, with time. Pinterest inspiration from Bee In Our Bonnet:

2015/01/img_5197.jpg I love hers because it’s so professional. Here is my lazy version: