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Monthly Subscription Boxes

December's bag

December 2014 Ipsy bag

At one point I was totally hooked on Monthly Subscription Boxes.  I wasn’t so hooked that I subscribed to them all, but I did browse through hours of reviews and descriptions for at least 50 of them.

(Background info:  Monthly Subscription Boxes are little packages of fun that get shipped to you monthly, with usually 5-7 different surprise items inside.  The allure comes from the fact that they send you things you would never normally try.)

There are boxes for new moms (CITRUS LANE), for beauty products (BIRCH BOX), for gluten free snacks (HEALTHY SURPRISE), and even boxes for dogs (BARK BOX).  There are French boxes (FRENCH BOX), must have boxes (POP SUGAR), and OMG a Japanese snack box (SKOSH BOX)!  I mean, the selection is endless. There is even a toothbrush box (GOODMOUTH) just in case.  People even have websites dedicated to their subscriptions (MY SUBSCRIPTION ADDICTION).

Painfully, I limited myself to trying just three: IPSY for me, and KIWI CRATE  for the girls.  I only signed up for 3 months of each, but boy was it fun to get those boxes in the mail.

I like Ipsy.  The price ($10 a month) is affordable and they make really fun gifts.  Who wouldn’t love a little cosmetic bag of sample sized lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow, or hair product for their birthday?  I did cancel, though.  I just don’t wear all that much make up so it was getting wasteful.

The girls LOVE Kiwi Crate and still talk about them to this very day.  Each box came with 5-7 simple crafts that the girls could take into their rooms and work on for hours ON THEIR OWN.

In fact, Kiwi just came out with amazing crates geared for older children – DOODLE CRATEcrafts for girls 9-16 and TINKER CRATEscience models and projects for boys 9-16.  I really wish Santa could have gotten them a few months’ subscription for Christmas, but I think he just couldn’t swing it this year! Ordering boxes for TWO sisters each month adds up quick!

Disclosure: I don’t have one. All the boxes I bought were with my own money, and I reviewed them for the sake of my friends.