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MLM by a MOM

When a certain essential oil company was running crazy through my community a couple years ago, I asked a friend why she didn’t use them. She said, “It’s multi level marketing. I just don’t feel like making a commission off my friends!” Instantly I agreed and we said we would never, ever use them.

Fast forward to now, I am knee deep in oils, use them for everything, and am not only sharing them, but receiving monthly commission checks as well. What changed?  Well, I learned that when someone gets a check  off my purchase, it doesn’t ever raise  the price for the consumer (me) – the money comes out of the company’s profit. 

  • “MLMs are paying YOU to do their marketing by giving you a commission.”

This got me thinking that only companies with really solid products (Origami Owl, Pampered Chef) would be able to trust the general public to market their products. 

I mean, can you imagine if a soda company had YOU market for them? Their product doesn’t taste THAT good, they just hire professional marketing people to make you FEEL like it tastes THAT good. Their product isn’t even that healthy, yet you feel like you should be driving a jet ski in a rap video when you drink it. 

A couple months ago, another friend said to me, “Whenever I see a call from you, I take my wallet and run!” Almost every woman I know has the same mantra: when you find something amazing, you share it. You can’t stop talking about it and you make sure everyone loves and benefits from it as much as you do. Whether it’s socks or sunscreen, essential oils or a coupon on Amazon, we all appreciate the honest review from a friend. And we will trust each other more than we would a stranger from XYZ Marketing Agency. 

My strategy for being a part of an MLM is to love it, share it, then let people make their own decisions.  I try to make it easy and accessible. I let them buy off my account if they don’t want to have their own. I make sure they do their own research and give them my personal testimony (that they can take or leave). 

I am lucky because I have a really amazing team leader.  Her goal is to teach people about safety and how to use the oils they have already bought. In other words, her advice and help doesn’t stop at the purchase, it goes deeper and farther once you are part of her team. This is truly something I believe in for anything I share – I don’t want my friends to spend money on something they won’t or can’t use.

I wonder, did they create the MLM acronym to sound like MOM? Because truly, moms (of pets or of children) are your best advertisement. They give honest testimony on products they use on their most valuable possession in the world. 

I am totally buying this sticker from etsy.