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Kids, teasing, and a pink sweater dress

Here are my babies on school picture day. This picture melts my heart. See the cat sweater dress Sebbie is wearing? It’s her favorite. But when she wore it to school last week, she got teased for wearing “pajamas”.

So on the morning of class picture day, she hemmed and hawed about wearing that very pink dress again. (In her opinion, it’s her “dressiest” dress.)

Well, she bravely wore it to school knowing she was taking a chance at being teased again. She even put a (very young-ish IMO) princess pin in her hair just because it was fancy. My husband said he hopes she never outgrows her “Sebbie-style”.

I’m so proud of her.



Background info: This is the first FULL year I am not teaching at school. It is the first full year Sebbie has to eat all of her meals in the cafeteria (instead of my classroom) and blend in with the population at every recess. When I was working, no kid dared to do anything to her. I’m scary strict – that’s why.