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Someone turn off my Pinterest please! 

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I am accumulating projects faster than I can do them. I’m drowning in yarn (still need to make 1 more mermaid tail and finish my bubble afghan), and yet I can’t stop going to Walmart’s craft section. 

Unfinished bubble blanket. Click on pic to see pinspiration.

The problem is though, that I’ve been on a Pinterest/Etsy binge. Last week was the very funny Taco blanket. This week is this:  


I’m not finished yet. I need to add a balloon for Ellie, finish the surfboard for Ross, and add the date. But otherwise, this basically took me 8 hours (wee hours of the weekend) to do. 

The hardest/most time consuming part was making a pattern. I couldn’t figure out the proportions of the figures and luckily I didn’t try to free-hand it on the canvas. Trying to pirate patterns off the internet wasn’t as simple as it seems. So what I did which made it easy-ER, was investing ($60) in a pattern book.

Click ok the pic for a link to order a book like mine

I really hemmed and hawed about buying it at first because it’s so PRICEY, but after reading through it, I’m so glad I did. 


After sketching my pattern, I brought out my long-lost cross stitching skills that my mom taught me when I was 12, and…voila!  
My favorite Uncle Don asked me what I’m doing with my life now that I’m gainfully “unemployed”. I told him: PLENTY.  ūüėČ

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Wreck This Journal 

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Today we bought this:

Now we have this:  

and this: 

This journal / activity book encourages the owner to step on it, throw it off a building, drag it through dirt, get messy, and be creative. It doesn’t ask you to write down your life dreams or favorite colors, but certainly leaves enough room if you choose to.

Apparently I missed the bus on this because it’s been around for years and a quick Google search will bring up TONS of finished pages competed by young and old. Just check out this page flip on You Tube: 

Artist’s note: The pages are thick enough to withstand water coloring, but bleed when using sharpie. We found using a plain old ball point pen worked best. 

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What genius invents this stuff anyway?

Remember using magic pens? The markers you use to write in one color then change it to another with color changing pen? Then if you don’t like your work you use another pen to erase the color completely?


 Well, they brought them back and they are just as amazing as I remember them to be.   

The same week, R bought them “Friendship Wheels”. These foam gadgets make professional looking embroidery floss bracelets, A LOT easier than the confusing knotted friendship bracelets we grew up making. All you do is move the strings around the disc in a pattern and voila! A perfect bracelet. It’s actually pretty addicting – like mindless crochet. 


They also make great  “Auntie” gifts.  

My next fun purchase will be Zipit bedding – the fitted sheets with blankets attached that you zip. But it’s been so humid lately, I can’t even mutter the word “blanket” without breaking into a sweat.  

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Current project: Wool Dryer Balls 

I love having soft laundry but I strongly dislike dryer sheets. They are expensive and the smell gets to me. Plus, the scent in any softener is totally artificial and probably bad for Sebbie’s allergies.

So, I finally decided make dryer balls. Dryer balls are yarn balls made of pure wool. When added to your laundry load in the dryer, they basically pummel your clothes to softness. They also soak up moisture in your laundry load, shortening drying time. Bonus: you can add 1-2 drops of ESSENTIAL OIL so they will give your laundry a light scent. (You mean it saves energy AND uses oils? No brainier.)

To make them, you will need pure wool yarn. I got mine on Amazon for $7. (Make sure it doesn’t have ANY acrylic and DOESN’T say “super wash” or “machine washable” or it won’t “felt”.)


I followed the instructions here:

If you are in a rush, here’s a quick recap:

1. Roll the yarn into tennis ball-sized balls.
2. Insert the balls into the leg of an old panty hose and tie off.
3. Wash on hot and dry on high a couple times. You will know they are ready when the strands of the ball start to “felt” (mesh) together.
4. Remove from panty hose, add a 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil, and pop them in the dryer with your next laundry load!

PS. If you’re really lazy (or intimidated), you can buy some ready made ones on Etsy here:


 PSS. If you want me to make you a set, text me now so I can add to the gang of yarn I’m ordering on Amazon. (1 skein makes 2.5 small baseball-sized balls.)

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Beach clean up wreaths

Ross took the girls to their very first beach clean up. He brought home some pieces he thought would be good for an art project.

Inspiration piece by an amazing local artist named Mary-Jo: (I pined over her wreaths for years and finally got one this past Christmas.)


Our two modest attempts: (According to her daughter Megan, Mary-Jo would probably lovingly say, “Needs more driftwood.”)