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My cramps are migrating

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Probably TMI, so not a good read for the general public.

I used to have the worst back pain – before and during my menstrual cycle. I went to chiropractors who said my back was crooked, but couldn’t seem to “fix” me. 

Then last year, as you may recall, my essential oil revolution started and I tried Clary Calm. (It’s a blend of oils including Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang – both known for promoting hormonal balance in women.) Within minutes of application, my backpain disappeared. WHICH MEANS,  I was having my menstrual cramps in my back! (Which makes total sense since I had severe back pain during labor!)

Well, tonight I started to get a stabbing pain in my neck -the normal telltale sign of a migraine. On a hunch, I applied Clary Calm on my neck (not the usual spot for me) and tummy and inhaled deeply for about 10 minutes….and…headache gone. Completely. WHICH MEANS, OMG, it wasn’t a migraine, it was a menstrual cramp in my neck!  

Is that just CRAZY?!  I think I need to invest in a case of these to get ready for menopause in a few years šŸ˜©. 


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