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My cramps are migrating

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Probably TMI, so not a good read for the general public.

I used to have the worst back pain – before and during my menstrual cycle. I went to chiropractors who said my back was crooked, but couldn’t seem to “fix” me. 

Then last year, as you may recall, my essential oil revolution started and I tried Clary Calm. (It’s a blend of oils including Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang – both known for promoting hormonal balance in women.) Within minutes of application, my backpain disappeared. WHICH MEANS,  I was having my menstrual cramps in my back! (Which makes total sense since I had severe back pain during labor!)

Well, tonight I started to get a stabbing pain in my neck -the normal telltale sign of a migraine. On a hunch, I applied Clary Calm on my neck (not the usual spot for me) and tummy and inhaled deeply for about 10 minutes….and…headache gone. Completely. WHICH MEANS, OMG, it wasn’t a migraine, it was a menstrual cramp in my neck!  

Is that just CRAZY?!  I think I need to invest in a case of these to get ready for menopause in a few years 😩. 


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Mosquito bite remedy

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When my toddler gets bitten by mosquitoes, it doesn’t just go away. It turns into a big welt, hard to the touch, warm, and red.  But I just discovered a new oil to put in my “need to carry at all times” keychain: Purify. 

Here’s the before (she gets bit, scratches it to death and it turns into an open sore):  

Here’s what I used:  

And here it is 2 days later (I used a bandaid to keep her from scratching): 


Here’s my keychain (note: I now carry 2, but they are a lot smaller than carrying 5ml bottles): 


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A few weeks ago, Lucy told her teacher, “This weekend we cleaned. Then we cleaned. Then we cleaned some more!”   In my defense, we were spring cleaning and making big clothing and toy donation piles. It can take all day to decide what you really want to keep or give.

S is for Sebbie, L for Lucy. It tells them who gets first pick at a chore that day. It was THEIR idea not mine.

Yes I make my kids clean. Not just basic “make your bed” or “clean your room” (those chores are just part of everyday living!) , but solid chores that contribute to the running of our household.  I’ve taught them to do laundry, dishes, and mop the floors  (I don’t let them sweep. They aren’t ready just yet!). They fold, they rinse and now, thanks to a new recipe I’m trying, they scrub.

Powder Cleaner: 1C baking soda, 10 drops essential oil, 3 T castile liquid soap . Mix together and use!

It smells – divine. And I feel completely comfortable asking them to scoop a tablespoon into the sink or tub and scrub away.   I keep it in a glass jar and poked holes to make a pseudo shaker cap, but it also really dried out the mixture and made the baking soda form hard chunks. Next time I will keep it in an airtight container (without holes).  The chore chart isn’t foolproof – most days we miss doing them – especially because it’s summer –  but I like that it holds them accountable and I don’t have to nag, as much.

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ALMOST took out the nebulizer (but didn’t!)

I saw it all over the news, I even saw it on my Instagram – the VOG (volcanic smog) was going to be bad this weekend.  Sebbie has really been exempt from any breathing issues  since we started using essential oils,  so I forgot to even check on her. But out of nowhere she suddenly started wheezing and her cough progressed so quickly (like, within 5 minutes) that I was ready to rummage around for some steroid filled vials.

But first, I:

  • I diffused the respitory blend and frankincense and laid her next to it.
  • I put more respitory blend on her feet and covered them with socks.
  • I used a roller bottle and put lemon/lavender/peppermint down her spine and cypress and frankincense on her chest.
  • I repeated the above every 5 minutes. 

After the 3rd time, I told her we would only give the oils 5 more minutes to kick in or she would need to use her old meds. (She was miserable, but was ready to cry when I told her I was going to take out the nebulizer – she hates it.)
And of course, the oils helped tremendously. She is currently sleeping soundly, no coughing or wheezing. My room smells like a candy cane, but it’s okay.

Next time instead of panicking, I will try making  homemade cough syrup:

  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 drop lemon
  • 1 drop peppermint
  • 1 drop frankincense
  • 1 drop wild orange

Really, I’m posting this so I don’t forget. (When your child is suffering, its hard to calmly browse Google for the best remedy.