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When parents send their children to school, they are hoping that their teacher will love that child as if it were their own. 

This blog is by a teacher, and I seemed to find it at the perfect time.  With all the hate and terrorism and scandal and child-crimes, it’s so inspirational to watch someone teach the concept of love. If we teach love, that will be their norm. Hate will be strange to them. 
You can’t ask a teacher to be fun, silly, or interesting, but you should be able to ask that they provide a place where a child feels safe.  I think he is doing it all. 

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Beautiful story

I’ve been following the blog of this mother of 3 for a few years now and followed intermittently through her journey. This is a really beautifully written post about the progress of her two youngest children.  

As a teacher during report card time, I take hours upon days to ponder how narrate three months of learning, behaviors, and milestones onto one tiny square on a piece of paper. And honestly I don’t feel like anyone really reads it. But I guess they do.