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Mosquito bite remedy

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When my toddler gets bitten by mosquitoes, it doesn’t just go away. It turns into a big welt, hard to the touch, warm, and red.  But I just discovered a new oil to put in my “need to carry at all times” keychain: Purify. 

Here’s the before (she gets bit, scratches it to death and it turns into an open sore):  

Here’s what I used:  

And here it is 2 days later (I used a bandaid to keep her from scratching): 


Here’s my keychain (note: I now carry 2, but they are a lot smaller than carrying 5ml bottles): 


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What genius invents this stuff anyway?

Remember using magic pens? The markers you use to write in one color then change it to another with color changing pen? Then if you don’t like your work you use another pen to erase the color completely?


 Well, they brought them back and they are just as amazing as I remember them to be.   

The same week, R bought them “Friendship Wheels”. These foam gadgets make professional looking embroidery floss bracelets, A LOT easier than the confusing knotted friendship bracelets we grew up making. All you do is move the strings around the disc in a pattern and voila! A perfect bracelet. It’s actually pretty addicting – like mindless crochet. 


They also make great  “Auntie” gifts.  

My next fun purchase will be Zipit bedding – the fitted sheets with blankets attached that you zip. But it’s been so humid lately, I can’t even mutter the word “blanket” without breaking into a sweat.