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I just found your next appliance purchase. You can thank me later. 

Actually, much later. It’s still in Kickstarter – which means they aren’t actually selling them in stores yet. But when they do, you can bet my mom will be receiving one of these babies!   


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Wreck This Journal 

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Today we bought this:

Now we have this:  

and this: 

This journal / activity book encourages the owner to step on it, throw it off a building, drag it through dirt, get messy, and be creative. It doesn’t ask you to write down your life dreams or favorite colors, but certainly leaves enough room if you choose to.

Apparently I missed the bus on this because it’s been around for years and a quick Google search will bring up TONS of finished pages competed by young and old. Just check out this page flip on You Tube: 

Artist’s note: The pages are thick enough to withstand water coloring, but bleed when using sharpie. We found using a plain old ball point pen worked best. 

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What genius invents this stuff anyway?

Remember using magic pens? The markers you use to write in one color then change it to another with color changing pen? Then if you don’t like your work you use another pen to erase the color completely?


 Well, they brought them back and they are just as amazing as I remember them to be.   

The same week, R bought them “Friendship Wheels”. These foam gadgets make professional looking embroidery floss bracelets, A LOT easier than the confusing knotted friendship bracelets we grew up making. All you do is move the strings around the disc in a pattern and voila! A perfect bracelet. It’s actually pretty addicting – like mindless crochet. 


They also make great  “Auntie” gifts.  

My next fun purchase will be Zipit bedding – the fitted sheets with blankets attached that you zip. But it’s been so humid lately, I can’t even mutter the word “blanket” without breaking into a sweat.  

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Awesome Grandma-gift idea! 

It’s amazing what computers have allowed us to do in this day and age. This afghan is so soft and so realistic. It’s better than I expected it to be – the photo is actually woven in, not just printed on top of a piece of fabric.  Get it at http://www.shutterfly.com .  (Warning: it’s expensive, but worth it. It’s pretty thick and the colors are vibrant.) 


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Eyelash Extensions

imageA month ago, I decided it would be fun to get lash extensions. I don’t wear make up and having them sure made me feel fancy enough for anything.  They were painless, fun, and definitely THE best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  They really made me feel put together no matter what I wore or where I was going.

They were $60 for a new set and my entire appointment took 2 hours.  An estethician permanently glued one piece of synthetic fiber to each one of my natural lashes.  It is a VERY tedious process.

For me, it took about three weeks before I noticed spaces – where my natural short, thin lash growing and pushing the extension out – and needed a fill.  It was supposed to be $30 to refill (add synthetic fibers to my new growth of lashes), but I didn’t pay – I was lucky enough to receive a lash-fill for my birthday!

Deciding I couldn’t financially keep up with them, I tried to let them grow and fall out naturally. Big time fail.  I couldn’t stop picking at them and on the 3rd week they had been on I ended up pulling them AND all my own lashes out, instead of using the recommended method of removing them gently with oilve oil.  Luckily, lashes grow on a pretty quick cycle and after about a week I’m back to my normal, short, thin, lashes. *sigh*

Instead of getting a new set put on in the future, I really want to learn how to put them on others.  Then I can do them FREE for close family and friends – or anyone who won’t sue me if I accidentally glue their eyes shut!

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Monthly Subscription Boxes

December's bag

December 2014 Ipsy bag

At one point I was totally hooked on Monthly Subscription Boxes.  I wasn’t so hooked that I subscribed to them all, but I did browse through hours of reviews and descriptions for at least 50 of them.

(Background info:  Monthly Subscription Boxes are little packages of fun that get shipped to you monthly, with usually 5-7 different surprise items inside.  The allure comes from the fact that they send you things you would never normally try.)

There are boxes for new moms (CITRUS LANE), for beauty products (BIRCH BOX), for gluten free snacks (HEALTHY SURPRISE), and even boxes for dogs (BARK BOX).  There are French boxes (FRENCH BOX), must have boxes (POP SUGAR), and OMG a Japanese snack box (SKOSH BOX)!  I mean, the selection is endless. There is even a toothbrush box (GOODMOUTH) just in case.  People even have websites dedicated to their subscriptions (MY SUBSCRIPTION ADDICTION).

Painfully, I limited myself to trying just three: IPSY for me, and KIWI CRATE  for the girls.  I only signed up for 3 months of each, but boy was it fun to get those boxes in the mail.

I like Ipsy.  The price ($10 a month) is affordable and they make really fun gifts.  Who wouldn’t love a little cosmetic bag of sample sized lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow, or hair product for their birthday?  I did cancel, though.  I just don’t wear all that much make up so it was getting wasteful.

The girls LOVE Kiwi Crate and still talk about them to this very day.  Each box came with 5-7 simple crafts that the girls could take into their rooms and work on for hours ON THEIR OWN.

In fact, Kiwi just came out with amazing crates geared for older children – DOODLE CRATEcrafts for girls 9-16 and TINKER CRATEscience models and projects for boys 9-16.  I really wish Santa could have gotten them a few months’ subscription for Christmas, but I think he just couldn’t swing it this year! Ordering boxes for TWO sisters each month adds up quick!

Disclosure: I don’t have one. All the boxes I bought were with my own money, and I reviewed them for the sake of my friends. 

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Sebbie’s road to normal breathing

  Sebbie has always suffered from asthma.  Or is it allergies? We never knew.  I’ve tried changing her diet, special sheets for the bed, limiting physical activity, and let’s not forget the time I asked Ross to cut down six full grown eucalyptus trees because I thought the pollen was flying in through the screens. Nothing really worked and albuterol was our only real option. In a normal month, she probably had at least 4 minor asthma episodes and 2 or more (nebulizer-worthy) bad ones. When we were on our 2 month trip, I ran out of meds twice!

Then, I discovered essential oils.  Originally, I wanted my house to smell fresher, so I bought a plug in diffuser. A diffuser uses a few drops of essential oil with water to create a really light vapor like mist without any heat. The smell isn’t overpowering or perfumey, even if you are sitting right next to it.

I tried different brands in different sizes with different prices, but realized a certain brand was the “strongest” using the least amount of drops.  So of course, I decided I needed to stock up.  

I bought a roll-on bottle of lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils mixed with fractionated coconut oil to try when Sebbie had her next bout of breathing issues.

The first time we used it, we followed the directions and after 5 minutes she was breathing better and I didn’t hear her cough anymore.  When she started coughing and wheezing  the very next day, I skeptically rolled more oils on.  Within 5 minutes, I didn’t hear her wheezing or coughing and she was breathing normally.  

On the third day, she got another wheezing attack and yes, the oils helped her feel normal just as well as they did on first day.

On the fourth night, she got the fastest onset and worst cough of all.  So, we rolled some oil on her feet and covered them with socks.  After 15 minutes she was still coughing so we repeated the process.  After a total of 20 minutes she continued to cough, so I lay her in bed, plugged my diffuser in next to her, and added 5 drops of “Respitory Blend”.  Within 5 minutes she was sleeping soundly – she was breathing easier and her cough and wheeze gone.  

I don’t know much about essential oils, but I like that I can see an immediate difference with their use on Sebbie. I know there are some that you shouldn’t ingest, some that you should stay out of the sun while using, and some that you should be sure to dilute with coconut oil before putting anywhere near your face. Essential oils are strong and you should also do research before using them on children

My advice  is to do the research so you can make educated decisions. I’m not giving any medical advice here. 

But , I really feel so much better trying natural remedies first, rather than going straight to over-the-counter medicines. I can ALWAYS go back to Longs.

Update: Sebbie has STILL not had any cough, wheeze, or sneeze attack IN 4 MONTHS. She has also not used any prescription medication.  She uses her roll-on of essential oils IMMEDIATELY when her coughs or sneezes start, and for whatever reason, they don’t progress.