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Struggling with heartworm medication bills?

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If you have a dog, you know your dog needs to be given (prescription only) heart worm medication once a month. And if you want to get a prescription, you have to see a vet. The vet will make you take a $40 heart worm test every single year. They will then bill you for the visit ($45) and have you buy the meds from them. $350 later, you’re all set – until the next year. 

After years of this, I decided it just wasn’t going to work financially for me. So I searched online for a more economical solution. I’m going to go ahead and believe this guy:


I bought the solution from JR Enterprises and am going to use it in place of Heart guard or Sentinel. It was easy to administer – I just shot it into his mouth. (Crossing my fingers he doesn’t throw it all up like he usually does with Heartguard and Sentinel.) It cost only $25 and with the minuscule amount I am dispensing for him, this bottle is sure to last me a year or longer. 


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I’m totally cutting the cable cord now

The girls and I went to Walmart yesterday and made an impulse purchase: A $49 Roku. It is a tiny box that streams online programming through wifi to your TV. There are free channels, pay-per-view channels, weather channels, live channels, YouTube, Netflix, you name it, it’s there. 

I haven’t done a lot of exploring because so far we can’t get past YouTube – where the girls found their favorite TV shows – Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and Rastamouse (they discovered both shows while in Australia and were so disappointed when they figured out they didn’t play them in America!).  

 Anyway, after playing around with it for a bit, I wondered why WOULDN’T we cut cable? The Roku has no monthly fees. Once you buy it, that’s it. We currently pay a whopping $136 every month for TV. If I cut just the cable, it would go down to just $55 (I would still have my house alarm and Internet to pay for). Wow, in one month the Roku will have paid for itself! 

Plus, it’s convenient. You’re no longer waiting for specific shows to come on. You just need to do a search and its right there! Believe it or not, the Roku also finally gives us an easy way to watch Netflix (rather than through the computer) and I love that we can unplug and take it with us anywhere.