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Thank Goodness for Costco’s Return Policy

I am a snorkeling enthusiast and have always wanted a Ninja H2O mask. So, when I saw this (imitation version) at Costco, OF COURSE it went straight into my cart. 

It’s a neat concept – a one piece snorkeling mask that goes over your entire face. You have the option to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth and there are less wiggly parts to fuss with in the ocean. The straps go around your whole head instead of using the “squeezing method” to suspend itself mid-cranium. The purge is at the bottom near your chin, so you’re never trying to blow-hole the water out like a whale. 

BUT, no matter how much I wanted it to be, this mask was just not for me. 

I’ve tried the original Ninja H2O mask which is made with soft silicone, but this (Costco) version wasn’t very pliable or comfortable. It didn’t suction to my face (ie. I couldn’t make it fart) so any little face movement invited a water leak.  

It also made me feel like I wasn’t getting enough air. I convinced myself should be breathing through my nose (instead of my mouth) because…well, I can. But because of this, I constantly felt like I was hyper-ventilating and not taking in enough air. When I did breathe through my mouth, the whole face piece fogged up. 

So today I sadly sent it back. It is probably  sitting in the “Returns” cart alongside a very dirty car battery and some moldy strawberries. Thank goodness for all of us, you can really return anything at Costco. 

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Refreshing summer treats

I had an amazing day of eating.

I rediscovered my new favorite drink: homemade ginger ale. I used to buy the same ginger syrup all the time but it was always too sweet and never tangy enough. But on impulse I bought some today to try it again. All it needed was 3 drops of ginger essential oil to give it that bite I was looking for. I mixed it with some soda water from my Soda Stream, and voila!  

  I also bought a mega bag of broccoli at Costco. Normally most of it would go to waste, but I used 100% of it making this:

Broccoli, bacon, mozerella and red onion salad with a homemade (sugar, mayo, red wine) vinegarette. It is such a refreshing salad for a hot day like today.

I love summer. Even though I’m not working right now (so everyday is like summer), there’s something about this time of year that is so magical.