Pupukea Road

Disclaimer, Disclosure, and Contacting Me

Contact me anytime about anything by leaving a comment on any post or emailing me at sl_hawaii@yahoo.com.  If I don’t answer right away, it might have gone to “JUNK”, so try again! This is just a personal blog. This is solely written for (hopefully) entertainment and I’m not giving medical, legal, or other advice. Any information you read or use, you are doing at your own risk.

I am the copywright holder of all material on this blog and no one may reprint, publish, or reblog any part of it without my prior written consent.

I will not share your private information, but I am also NOT responsible for the actions of any  advertisers, sponsors, or blog commenters.

If I do receive a product for review, I will disclose it. And, as always, all of the opinions expressed here are completely my own.


2 thoughts on “Disclaimer, Disclosure, and Contacting Me

  1. Your blog appeared on my google search when attempting to find beach wreaths by Mary Jo. Do you have her contact information or website? I saw one of her wreaths over the weekend and would like to purchase one for myself. My email is bell.kayla@live.com.


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