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You can learn anything on the Internet! 

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I was browsing PINTEREST probably looking for an oil remedy and TOTALLY got distracted and found this –> free pattern on yarnutopia.com to make a mermaid tail lap blanket: 

I thought to myself: ‘The girls would really LOVE reading on the papasan with this!’  

I knew it was a lofty goal, so I refrained from buying every skein of yarn ar Walmart and got only what I needed (3 for the body and 1 for tail). I brushed up on my crochet skills by watching these gifs: http://crochet-gifs.tumblr.com

I pretty much didn’t see my family for a week, my forearms feel like they are going to fall off, and I’m cross-eyed, but I did it. ( There is no modeling photo because it’s waaaay past midnight.)  One down, two more to make. 

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Wreck This Journal 

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Today we bought this:

Now we have this:  

and this: 

This journal / activity book encourages the owner to step on it, throw it off a building, drag it through dirt, get messy, and be creative. It doesn’t ask you to write down your life dreams or favorite colors, but certainly leaves enough room if you choose to.

Apparently I missed the bus on this because it’s been around for years and a quick Google search will bring up TONS of finished pages competed by young and old. Just check out this page flip on You Tube: 

Artist’s note: The pages are thick enough to withstand water coloring, but bleed when using sharpie. We found using a plain old ball point pen worked best. 

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