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Chia pudding

I’ll go ahead and say you’re crazy if you haven’t heard of Chia . Chia is a tiny seed that has been on the trendy superfood group list longer than kale. You can sprinkle them on salads, in smoothies, or in cereal. Soaking them overnight in liquid makes them expand into a gel like tapioca – making it into “chia pudding”.

A friend recently gave us a case of Chia Pods, a convenient on-the-go cup of chia pudding. They are so yummy that I have been inhaling 3 of them A DAY. (I don’t know if its safe to eat that much in one sitting, but I’m going to assume chia is like lettuce and that its okay to binge out on it.) It’s light, sweet, and they come in different flavors.

I adore the tiny spoon it comes with.


But I’m finding I’m having to restrain myself all day from opening ” just one more” and my supply is almost gone. I think these can only be bought in Australia, so I decided I should feed my craving by making my own.

Here is the Chia Pudding recipe I used:
2 Tablespoons Organic Chia (I found an enormous
bag for sale at Costco)
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1 Cup milk

Combine all ingredients in a jar, put a lid on, and shake to mix.
Place in fridge overnight or for at least 3-4 hours.
When ready, top with fresh fruit and enjoy!

You can add creative flavoring (maybe cocoa powder or coffee?) and decide what type of liquid it’s made with – I’m not a fan of almond milk, but the seeds definitely expand better in non-fatty milks).
Anyway, trust me, it’s good!

“Before” pic.