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Period Panties? Of course I’m going to try them! 

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Warning, TMI. Do NOT read if:

1. You are male.

2. You do not get a period. 

3. You are squeamish. 

Rather than write a long story about how I loathe my period and how a fear of TSS runs my life, I’ll intro this blog with an edited synopsis of my conversation with my girlfriend today: 

Me: So my new thing is I’m trying (Thinx) period panties.

Friend: What?! NOOOOO…

Me: Period panties are totally a thing. I saw them on Facebook! 

Friend: Lots of things are ‘things’ but doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. 😐 Where does the stuff go?!? 

Me: In the panty! 

Friend: Wait, are you wearing Depends?

Thinx are a pad built into a very thin, breathable panty. All the menstrual stuff goes in the panty. At night you rinse, then put into the washer. It sounds really gross, but it’s not too different from cloth diapering – except with a lot less bulk. 

Out of the bag, they feel as thin as a normal cotton panty, nylon on the outside, cotton-y on the inside. They are breathable, soft, and very comfortable. But I  can’t tell you how much BETTER they feel than an ultra thin pad does. (I should preface my hatred for pads with that time in 8th grade when I was wearing a pad and EVERYONE saw it under my shorts.)

I initially bought three styles but the one I liked most was the Sport in XS. The frontside is cute – like a boyshort bikini. On the backside, they are cut little high (think reverse hipster). They aren’t as snug as I would like, but I think it will be ok. I really don’t need them THAT snug because I’m not expecting them to hold up a bulky pad. 

When I first saw the ad for Thinx, I thought: Less waste! More eco friendly! Never need to buy pads again?! …Why not?! So I took the $32 plunge and so far I’m glad I did. 

I’ll update in a couple months after I’ve tried them for a few cycles. But for now, I think I like them.

Update: I like them. They feel so much cleaner than a pad. I have 5, so I’m in a constant routine of rinsing, washing and wearing. The elastic on all of my sport panties (the one that fits me best – the rest of the styles I tried are too big to feel comfortable) have stretched a bit but not enough for it to be a waste. We’ll see how it holds up through the year. 


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One thought on “Period Panties? Of course I’m going to try them! 

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