Pupukea Road

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Chuck E. Cheese

imageThis place is still magic for my girls.  Every game and ride costs one token (a quarter), and if you are lucky, you can find a coupon somewhere which can reduce the cost even more (FYI – this happens NEVER in Hawaii even though you see commercials for coupons ALL-THE-TIME).

What I love most about Chuck E. Cheese is that every time you put in a token, the game will ALWAYS dispense tickets – no matter how you play. You could close your eyes and not even touch the machine and you will still get at least one ticket. My kids love to collect the tickets and turn them in for small prizes. They will sometimes “pool” their winnings in hopes for a bigger prize, although, you can already see that this is a poor idea – especially when it comes to whose turn it is to play with the prize first. When they were younger they just loved collecting the tickets, no redeeming necessary back then, life was so simple!

The food (pizza) is just oo-kay, and if you go on a weekend it can get pretty crowded. But, it’s pretty clean, generally safe (they use hand stamps to match parents to their children so no one can “accidentally” exit with your child), and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

I took the girls a few weeks ago and I think the baby had the most fun. I bet she would have sat on any of those rides for an unlimited amount of time – or at least until the tokens ran out.