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Eyelash Extensions

imageA month ago, I decided it would be fun to get lash extensions. I don’t wear make up and having them sure made me feel fancy enough for anything.  They were painless, fun, and definitely THE best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  They really made me feel put together no matter what I wore or where I was going.

They were $60 for a new set and my entire appointment took 2 hours.  An estethician permanently glued one piece of synthetic fiber to each one of my natural lashes.  It is a VERY tedious process.

For me, it took about three weeks before I noticed spaces – where my natural short, thin lash growing and pushing the extension out – and needed a fill.  It was supposed to be $30 to refill (add synthetic fibers to my new growth of lashes), but I didn’t pay – I was lucky enough to receive a lash-fill for my birthday!

Deciding I couldn’t financially keep up with them, I tried to let them grow and fall out naturally. Big time fail.  I couldn’t stop picking at them and on the 3rd week they had been on I ended up pulling them AND all my own lashes out, instead of using the recommended method of removing them gently with oilve oil.  Luckily, lashes grow on a pretty quick cycle and after about a week I’m back to my normal, short, thin, lashes. *sigh*

Instead of getting a new set put on in the future, I really want to learn how to put them on others.  Then I can do them FREE for close family and friends – or anyone who won’t sue me if I accidentally glue their eyes shut!