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You only live once. And it often goes by quicker than you had planned. And while we all know this, it’s always a tragedy that reminds us. It feels almost criminal to go on with everyday life when someone has just lost their child or parent or best friend. 
So many young deaths lately. Is it really just one of those things?  When I hear of another passing so close to the last, I wonder how we we made it this far. 

Why do some people who are  filled with hatred and anger seem to live on and on and  others who are so careful and so kind to the world have to die so young? 

A parent should never have to lose a child. But it happens. And then we all think. We think and we hug and we cry. A lot.

Then I have that familiar worry. I’m not kissing my girls enough or loving them enough or being patient enough. I’m not giving them enough attention and I’m not playing and laughing enough to fill their hearts every minute that I should. 

I realized today what am I doing complaining about a house remodel and even sillier – financial woes when I should be focusing on LIVING and the real reasons I am doing it all in the first place.   

No point to this post. Just a reminder that YOLO. 


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