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Fast Fashion from Target

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I think I’ve been brainwashed all these years into thinking I need to buy jeans that cost $100 or more. Not because I’m rolling in dough, but because I was convinced that it would be more _____ (comfortable, stylish, you-name-it).  

But you tell me if you can tell the difference between the $150 brand and the $23 Target ones:

I’ve been so used to squeezing my body into the tightest pair,  going by the motto I once heard, “If it zips, it fits.” Many times these very expensive pairs leave me out of breath just putting them on. 

But, with Target jeans? Well, suddenly, jeans don’t have to be uncomfortable. They don’t have to be plastered around each leg like Duct tape. They don’t need to cut off circulation at your tummy or hold you hostage in a permanent wall sit position. They can feel comfortbale, and soft, and warm all at the same time. And as for looking good? Well, they can do that too. 


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