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So, I went to the ER last night

Around dinner time, I started to feel faint. Whenever I moved, I started to black out. It progressed so quickly that by the time I stumbled to my bed, I couldn’t turn my head without feeling dizzy. It was like being extremely drunk, because when I walked – no matter how much I focused – I could only stumble right. After a couple hours I needed to use the restroom (bad idea to drink 2 venti sized teas in one day!) and that’s when it all came apart.

I partly crawled and partly dragged my body across the floor. Every time  I got up on all 4s to move myself a few feet, I fell over. I didn’t know what was going on and I felt so out of control that I started crying.  My mind was totally coherent but my body was completely out of control. My girls started to worry and brought me everything from crackers and water to pillows and blankets – in the bathroom while I lay in the fetal position for an hour. 

Anyway, after a few calls to grandparents, a couple frantic texts to R, and a call to 911, my dad ended up driving  me to the ER where they diagnosed me with vertigo. Did you know 3% of all ER visits are for vertigo? I was so embarrassed because by the time I had gotten there, the fainting feeling had passed. (Upside: I got complete blood work done and I was super healthy. No thyroid, blood pressure normal, etc.)  They couldn’t figure out what caused the Vertigo – but when I stumbled to the bathroom they said I dislodged whatever (crystal) was in my ear that was shaking my equilibrium.

I liken it to having a migraine without the actual pain. And now that I’ve gone through it I know that there are moves I can do with my body whenever I feel it’s onset to relieve and reset my inner ears.

It sure was scary though. In a million years I would never go to the ER (unless you count that one time- the first time I discovered I had migraines), much less call an ambulance to my house for myself, but it was that bad. I probably should have called for help earlier.  It would’ve been awful for my girls to be alone if I suddenly passed out.

But today, my mom is here for the week and we are back to normal. Thank goodness for parents.  And at least I know my kids know what to do in an emergency.

Here’s a video on what to do if you have vertigo. This was totally me! This particular type of vertigo is related to having a history of motion sickness (me) and migraines (me again!). Mystery solved!