Pupukea Road

Did I already post this? Because even if I did, it’s totally worth watching again. 

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Am I the only person who thinks this really really funny? 


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Fast Fashion from Target

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I think I’ve been brainwashed all these years into thinking I need to buy jeans that cost $100 or more. Not because I’m rolling in dough, but because I was convinced that it would be more _____ (comfortable, stylish, you-name-it).  

But you tell me if you can tell the difference between the $150 brand and the $23 Target ones:

I’ve been so used to squeezing my body into the tightest pair,  going by the motto I once heard, “If it zips, it fits.” Many times these very expensive pairs leave me out of breath just putting them on. 

But, with Target jeans? Well, suddenly, jeans don’t have to be uncomfortable. They don’t have to be plastered around each leg like Duct tape. They don’t need to cut off circulation at your tummy or hold you hostage in a permanent wall sit position. They can feel comfortbale, and soft, and warm all at the same time. And as for looking good? Well, they can do that too. 

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DIY Miniature Dollhouse

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Perfect gift alert: DIY miniature dollhouse.

My oldest daughter loves to create things and loves anything tiny. So when I showed her this kit, she couldn’t believe how lucky we got finding something so perfect for her. We read a few reviews, talked to a friend who already had one (the same one who tipped us off about the kit), scoured Google, and went for it.

In fact, got so excited waiting for it to come in that she made one out of paper off a photo she found on the internet:

When we got it, it was completely unassembled. Like, completely in a hundred different pieces. See the plant in the photo? You need to glue together every leaf and even the tiny flowers on it. See the lamp? You need to construct it then cut out the lace to put around it. The pillows? Yes, you need to cut, stuff, and sew. You even need to cut out and origami fold the tissue box.
But while I was intimidated by the ALL IN CHINESE directions, Sebbie excitedly dove right in. And of course, she loves it.

It even comes with a light kit that you wire to turn the lamps on and off.

Here’s a video of someone making it and customizing it:

I’m definitely buying more kits for gifts, and maybe – one for myself.

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Thank Goodness for Costco’s Return Policy

I am a snorkeling enthusiast and have always wanted a Ninja H2O mask. So, when I saw this (imitation version) at Costco, OF COURSE it went straight into my cart. 

It’s a neat concept – a one piece snorkeling mask that goes over your entire face. You have the option to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth and there are less wiggly parts to fuss with in the ocean. The straps go around your whole head instead of using the “squeezing method” to suspend itself mid-cranium. The purge is at the bottom near your chin, so you’re never trying to blow-hole the water out like a whale. 

BUT, no matter how much I wanted it to be, this mask was just not for me. 

I’ve tried the original Ninja H2O mask which is made with soft silicone, but this (Costco) version wasn’t very pliable or comfortable. It didn’t suction to my face (ie. I couldn’t make it fart) so any little face movement invited a water leak.  

It also made me feel like I wasn’t getting enough air. I convinced myself should be breathing through my nose (instead of my mouth) because…well, I can. But because of this, I constantly felt like I was hyper-ventilating and not taking in enough air. When I did breathe through my mouth, the whole face piece fogged up. 

So today I sadly sent it back. It is probably  sitting in the “Returns” cart alongside a very dirty car battery and some moldy strawberries. Thank goodness for all of us, you can really return anything at Costco. 

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Texas Caviar 

I cook so rarely I don’t totally remember what my hashtag for food is, but here ya’ll go: 
 2 cans black eyed peas – drained

1/2 c red onion

1/4 c red wine vinegar

1 green pepper

1 clove garlic 

1/4 c olive oil 

Dash of tobasco

Dash of pepper

3 T sugar

Serve with salty corn chips. 😋

If I were still working, this is what I’d be bringing this to a pot luck meeting. 

TMI: Yes I tried a menstrual cup too! 


Same warning as last time. Do not read if:

1. You are squeamish.

2. You’re male.

3. You don’t have a period. 

I’m writing this because when I was searching online, all of the dead honest reviews and instructional blog posts really helped me, so if this helps just one of you, the potential embarrassment is worth it. 

If you recall, last month I spent a lot of money on my period. First I tried Thinx, the period panties (which I really like). Then, I tried the Cleo cup, one of many menstrual cups currently on the market. I chose it for its longer stem, carry bag – zippered pouch vs. drawstring bag, and the fact that it came with 2 sizes.  (A menstrual cup is a silicone bell shaped cup designed to “catch” your period vs. soaking it up like a tampon would. It has a ribbed ‘tail’ at the end you use to maneuver it out so you can empty the blood.)

Pros: environmentally friendly – no waste, less mess (although, this is subject to user error),nothing to carry in your purse during ‘that time’, no known risk of toxic shock (even organic tampons have some degree of synthetic material which is what causes infection).  

Cons: extremely steep learning curve, longer/more care involved.  (When I say ‘steep learning curve’,  I’m not joking. Confidence doesn’t equal ability.  It took me a whole period to figure it out.)

I tried practicing before my period, but it just wasn’t the same. My cervix (wherever it was) was in a higher position than when I have my period, so I couldn’t tell if the cup was actually catching anything, and it just didn’t feel right. The first REAL day I tried it happened to be my heaviest day. I used the “punch down” fold, put it in, did a couple hops and honestly didn’t feel a thing. In fact, I was so busy running around I  completely forgot about it. It didn’t leak for a full 10 hours, then suddenly everything spilled out – cup and all. It was like a massacre ‘down there’. (The cup says it holds 30ml, but I only saw a 15ml label on it. The Internet says the average woman loses 30-60ml total for her whole period – but I don’t know if I agree with that.)

After that experience, I made sure to check it every 6 hours. In, out, rinse, and back in again.  The instructions say you can just wipe with toilet paper and put it back in again, but anyone who is anyone knows you can’t wipe THAT with toilet paper alone. *Hint: take a bottle of water with you if you’re going to be in a public bathroom so you can rinse it cleanly into the toilet. You could buy the wipes they suggest, but those have chemicals and aren’t-we-doing-all-this-to-stay-away-from-putting-chemicals-in-our-bodies?! 

At the end of my period, I used Thinx on their own and sanitized my cups by boiling them in water for a few minutes. (*Another hint: put your cup in a wire whisk so it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot of boiling water and melt unexpectedly.) 

Many, many, MANY women bloggers have instructions, reviews, and opinions online. I read all of the horror stories about having to go to the ER to get a lost cup removed or cups leaking in the most embarrassing situations. My cup did get stuck once – I folded and shoved it in too quickly and it went in folded sideways. After more than a couple pushes and a lot of relaxing, I was eventually able to wiggle it out. (My take away from that is to use the bigger cup!)

Now that I have gotten the hang of it,  I’m not going to look back, ever. I have a drawer FULL of organic tampons and all natural pads, but I think I’m going to donate them.  I am also kind of looking forward to my next period, to use my newfound skill. 

What I’m really excited about is traveling with my cups this Fall. An absence of tampons and pads in my suitcase equals more room for IKEA and random souvenirs! 

Here’s a really good  site with a list of pros and cons as well as potential dangers of using a cup: http://menstrualcupreviews.net/menstrual-cup-dangers/

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You only live once. And it often goes by quicker than you had planned. And while we all know this, it’s always a tragedy that reminds us. It feels almost criminal to go on with everyday life when someone has just lost their child or parent or best friend. 
So many young deaths lately. Is it really just one of those things?  When I hear of another passing so close to the last, I wonder how we we made it this far. 

Why do some people who are  filled with hatred and anger seem to live on and on and  others who are so careful and so kind to the world have to die so young? 

A parent should never have to lose a child. But it happens. And then we all think. We think and we hug and we cry. A lot.

Then I have that familiar worry. I’m not kissing my girls enough or loving them enough or being patient enough. I’m not giving them enough attention and I’m not playing and laughing enough to fill their hearts every minute that I should. 

I realized today what am I doing complaining about a house remodel and even sillier – financial woes when I should be focusing on LIVING and the real reasons I am doing it all in the first place.   

No point to this post. Just a reminder that YOLO. 

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