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  Some of you might have gotten a mailed letter from Doterra about your personal information being seen by someone who got entry unlawfully. 
Not everyone will get this letter, only the people whose accounts were affected. Not all of your information was seen, you’ll need to call the number listed on your letter to find out exactly what was.

As your Doterra Upline, I feel completely guilty and responsible if something happens negatively to you – health wise or financially. When you enrolled, I did assured you that I trusted Doterra’s security. And I still do. 

I do so much of my life online that I have gotten offered to get credit monitoring 3 times in the last year from places like teacher licensing, online rentals, and banks.  And while my first reaction is usually to be scared – I soon realize it’s humbug more than anything. I remind myself  part of buying things – online or even in a store (remember that time everyone who shopped at Target during most of 2014 got compromised?).

Anyway, Doterra is offering 2 years of free credit monitoring, and if you get the letter I would go ahead and sign up. (This is great because normally it’s a service you would have to pay for. It won’t hurt, and it’s probably something you should do anyway in this day and age.) Most large companies offer 1 year, which I feel is sufficient too. 

When I let online accounts go unused or dormant, I usually email them to close my account and have my information completely removed.  If you decide to go drastic and completely close your account, I understand. (I still use my card hesitantly at Target.) I can buy whatever oils you want and mail them to you, but you’ll lose out on points or commission – if you have a team. 

I’m writing this hopefully so you feel less panicked if you get a letter or more prepared if you don’t. Text, email, or call me anytime. 

UPDATE: I called AllClear. It was easy.  They told me exactly which info was seen and enrolled me in their program. They will contact me each time someone does something (applies for a credit card, etc.) using my information. 

I’m enrolled for the next 24 months. I would actually sign Ross up for this service too because I think it’s beneficial, but I think it’s expensive to do on your own.  Here’s the number to enroll 1 (855) 904-5752. 

Ps. You will also need to change your Doterra password after the phone call. 


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