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Top 10 Essentials for Traveling with Kids

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A few weeks ago I was asked to contribute to a post about traveling with kids and honestly, I can’t remember what I wrote because I was happily at home – not traveling. 

But now that I’m actually on the road, I am able to recall what the essentials are. Here are my top 10:  

1. Timeless Beauty Bag: Each girl got a timeless beauty bag for Christmas and I filled it with random toys like NEW notepads, stickers, small toys (not new, just ones I hid a few months ago so they would feel new). This bag keeps everything in one spot instead of loose or in separate pouches. 

2. Kindle: I always go online to the public library before we leave and load the older girls’ kindles up with (free) books. We bring iPads, but kindles allow them to read without getting distracted playing games.

3. Doterra Petal Diffuser : no introduction needed. It has taken the place of carrying a nebulizer for Sebbies asthma. It also doubles as a room freshener for a musty hotel room.

4. Lemon essential oil: I don’t diffuse this. I save it to clean our water bottles. I use 1 drop with hot hot water into the bottle and shake all the gunk away. 

5. Cloth bag with waterproof liner: plastic baggies are expensive to buy, so we bring these. They zip tight, don’t leak and are great for carrying snacks and fruit. To clean I throw them in the wash or turn inside out and wipe down. I bought mine here

6. Hydroflask insulated water bottle: As heavy as they are, we still bring them. We buy large jugs of water and fill our bottles daily with ice and water. This is especially handy because a lot of restaurants outside of the U.S. don’t offer free water. It’s always bottled and ridiculously expensive.

7. Chip clips: We don’t ever bring enough of these. They are so handy when buying foods that are being saved for later. 

8. Beach towel: For a family of 5 squeezing into a small hotel room, there are never enough bath towels – let alone beach towels. The girls hold these in their carry-ons and it doubles as a (clean) airplane blanket. 

9. Skateboards: Totally necessary when sightseeing with kids. It buys us so much more distance and time! Because we are still traveling with a car seat, I pop these right into the car seat bag!

  10. Scissors and reusable shopping bag: Something so simple yet we always overlook! 

Oops, sorry that was 11. I pack pretty heavy. 


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Just in case you're wondering, this is what I'm doing on my year off...

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