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I hate gas. 

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This is just one of those long boring drawn out stories of my life. It’s not even that interesting so no worries if you stop reading right now. 

A few months ago, I smelled gas in my house. After a long search with a gas detector, the gas company deducted it was coming from my stove. So, I shut off the gas, and microwaved food for a couple weeks until someone from Sears Home Repair could come. 

Well, the repairman DIDNT HAVE A GAS DETECTOR with him (wouldn’t it be obvious to bring one for a gas leak repair?) so he couldn’t figure out where the leak was coming from. He suggested ordering a $300 part and scheduling another appointment. A week later he came to install the part, but he STILL DIDNT HAVE A GAS DETECTOR, so he suggested we just get a new stove and he would apply for a refund on my behalf. (Note: Its $100 per appointment so I paid them $200 for doing nothing. It would be 8 phone calls and 6 weeks until Sears gave a refund for both the part and the non-labor.)

So, with 3 weeks of not cooking, I ran to Best Buy and got a stove. A week later they installed it (4 weeks total not cooking – in case you’re counting). Well, R decided the stove I bought was not very nice so of course he returned it and bought another. (Cue another week to wait for a different stove. Horray!)

A week later, we got a new stove. FINALLY, a cooked meal. It was going great until a week after that my paranoia got the best of me and I thought to myself that ‘the flames coming out of my new a stove were awfully orange’. So I shut off the gas line and Sears said they would send a replacement stove (instead of a repairman because they didn’t have any available appointments for 3 weeks!). 

The replacement stove came a week later, but Sears forgot to schedule the installation (gas is not “plug in and go”), so I had to wait an extra week for the installation. (Which, had to be adjusted at another time because they had forgotten to switch the broiler to propane gas.)

The whole debacle ended with roughly 7 weeks before I got to cook. I cooked for about 2 weeks before we left on a month long trip. 

WELL, we have been home for a week happily showering and cooking, when something ominous told me, “You should really check the gas tank.” 

GUESS WHAT I FOUND? An empty gas tank. All the gas must have leaked out at some point or another from somewhere anywhere.  From the stove? Well that would just be Captain Obvious.

Just for fun, the CO2 alarm (that alerts for gas leaks) is going off as I write this.  
Just to tally the cost: the stove cost $2200, the gas company charged $250 to check for the original gas leak and will be charging me another $150 tomorrow when they do an emergency check, and a full tank of gas was $400, which I’ll be paying again, tomorrow.  Let’s see: 7 weeks no cooking and  $3400 in costs. And I can’t cook until the repair man comes. Again. Lovely.

An oil for this? Oh yes, Balance. 

  Update: It was the stove. First the installation company didn’t convert it correctly so it was leaking and then they reinstalled it with the wrong part, which caused all the gas to leak while we were gone. The gas man said he sees it OFTEN. It doesn’t leak right away, just, over time. Mystery solved, but now I’m out $600 for the repair and gas lost and Sears won’t follow through (of course).


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