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A few weeks ago, Lucy told her teacher, “This weekend we cleaned. Then we cleaned. Then we cleaned some more!”   In my defense, we were spring cleaning and making big clothing and toy donation piles. It can take all day to decide what you really want to keep or give.

S is for Sebbie, L for Lucy. It tells them who gets first pick at a chore that day. It was THEIR idea not mine.

Yes I make my kids clean. Not just basic “make your bed” or “clean your room” (those chores are just part of everyday living!) , but solid chores that contribute to the running of our household.  I’ve taught them to do laundry, dishes, and mop the floors  (I don’t let them sweep. They aren’t ready just yet!). They fold, they rinse and now, thanks to a new recipe I’m trying, they scrub.

Powder Cleaner: 1C baking soda, 10 drops essential oil, 3 T castile liquid soap . Mix together and use!

It smells – divine. And I feel completely comfortable asking them to scoop a tablespoon into the sink or tub and scrub away.   I keep it in a glass jar and poked holes to make a pseudo shaker cap, but it also really dried out the mixture and made the baking soda form hard chunks. Next time I will keep it in an airtight container (without holes).  The chore chart isn’t foolproof – most days we miss doing them – especially because it’s summer –  but I like that it holds them accountable and I don’t have to nag, as much.


Author: jenwilliamshawaii

Just in case you're wondering, this is what I'm doing on my year off...

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