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Refreshing summer treats

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I had an amazing day of eating.

I rediscovered my new favorite drink: homemade ginger ale. I used to buy the same ginger syrup all the time but it was always too sweet and never tangy enough. But on impulse I bought some today to try it again. All it needed was 3 drops of ginger essential oil to give it that bite I was looking for. I mixed it with some soda water from my Soda Stream, and voila!  

  I also bought a mega bag of broccoli at Costco. Normally most of it would go to waste, but I used 100% of it making this:

Broccoli, bacon, mozerella and red onion salad with a homemade (sugar, mayo, red wine) vinegarette. It is such a refreshing salad for a hot day like today.

I love summer. Even though I’m not working right now (so everyday is like summer), there’s something about this time of year that is so magical. 


Author: jenwilliamshawaii

Just in case you're wondering, this is what I'm doing on my year off...

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