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Where are these tiny holes coming from? 

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This problem has plagued my mom, my sister in law, and hordes of women everywhere – tiny pin holes in the bottom of their nice tee-shirts and tops.  

It always happens only on the front and in the middle-bottom of any top right at the belly button area – never the back or sides. Any cotton or cotton blend tee is at risk – but only for certain people! It doesn’t seem to affect some women (me) and almost never affects men.  

My mom has read up on all theories and doesn’t believe any of them including (but not limited to):

  • Seatbelt rubbing
  • Kitchen counter rubbing 
  • Jeans rubbing 
  • Baby carrying
  • Tiny moths
  • Front loading washers
  • Types of detergent

She said she follows the same routines as my dad and me, and it doesn’t happen to either of us so why are the holes following only her? And why not on other areas of the same tee? 




Author: jenwilliamshawaii

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One thought on “Where are these tiny holes coming from? 

  1. Tell your mother, I have been wondering the same dang thang. I’ve spoken to friends about this and they always laugh at me. One suggested that I have teeth in my belly button. The mystery continues…


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