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Help, I’m drowning in STUFF!

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When my husband finds out I bought this book, he will go through the 4 basic stages of emotion:

1. Humor – because I’m already constantly trying to throw/give everything in our house away (I love that clutter free vacation rental house feeling), he will find it funny that I bought a book reinforcing this behavior. 

2. Anger – when he starts realizing some of his stuff is starting to “disappear”.

3. Denial – when he goes back to the store to replace something he “needed” (that disappeared).

4. Acceptance – when he sees that he doesn’t really need all that stuff he’s been hanging on to. (Living in the same house for 20 years will do that to you!)

There’s nothing I love more than browsing “before” and “after” organization pictures from real people. People who are just like me; running errands, raising a family, living life. People who also feel like me; like they are drowning in “stuff”. 

There are days where I feel like I’m spending all of my time organizing the “stuff”, picking up the stuff,  and yelling at my kids to put away the stuff. Baby stuff, kid stuff, laundry, dishes, mopping, sweeping, scrubbing the sinks. (Oops. Those are actually chores.) 

My family is not supportive about giving up clutter. Their motto is “we should keep it, we have space right…here👇🏼.”(Pointing to random space on the table) But my rebuttal is, “I’m spending all my time putting it away!”

I probably won’t read anything in this book that will be ground breaking or different from any other organized living book, but it will be nice to have moral support and someone accomplished who is telling me I’m not crazy. 

I’ve already bought new hangers since reading a post on her blog: Living Well, Spending Less

I’ll let you know how it goes. 


Before – Motley Crew of hangers (some from my childhood)!

After, with flocked hangers.

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Just in case you're wondering, this is what I'm doing on my year off...

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