Pupukea Road

Jetlag is REAL

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The time difference is only 4 hours but you would think it was 10.

Ellie started running a fever yesterday so I took out peppermint and started rolling on her spine every 15 minutes. It worked well until it was time for bed. I don’t mind reapplying during the day, but I just couldn’t imagine waking up all night to roll on more oil – especially with this heavy jet lag. So, we decided to give her ibuprofen so she would sleep through the night.

Bad idea.

Ross used the syringe and started squirting the medicne into her mouth, but she pushed her lips together and spit sticky medicine on the walls, on the bed, on me – everywhere except in her mouth.  I was so tired I didn’t want to redo.

At this point she also hadn’t eaten anything and I KNEW she would wake up at midnight wanting food, so I sprinkled some cereal on the bed and called it a night. (I think heard crunching sounds around 1 am.)

Anyway, we all ended up with a full night of sleep and woke up at the not-so-early hour of 9 (in OZ we woke up at 6 am everyday).

Hoping we shake this jetlag by tomorrow.

My gorgeous friend and her kids. Picture from our trip. Missing this place and our early waking hours.


Author: jenwilliamshi

Just in case you're wondering, this is what I'm doing on my year off...

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