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We love Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.  We use it as body soap, hand soap, and I use it to wash the counters and sinks. Because it’s natural, I don’t feel guilty lathering it on my kids or on the house.

But, we all know “natural” doesn’t mean affordable.  Buying a 32oz bottle of liquid soap can be pricy, especially when you have young children who take long baths and pump soap like there’s bottomless refills.

Then I remembered hearing about Frontier Coop. It’s like Costco for natural products! I paid a one-time membership fee and can now order most well known natural brands (Burts Bees, Kiss My Face, Seventh Generation) at half the cost! Check out the price difference for me:

 32oz bottle      Bath bar

Longs         $20               $5.50

Amazon     $17               $4.50

Frontier      $10               $2.50   <— WHAT?!

If you live near me and want to join my co-op to order products, let me know. I can send you an email invite to make an account, and you can submit an order with our group. (Creating your own account helps me separate the items and monies due within a group order.)

As soon as the group order totals $400 or more, it will qualify for free shipping. I will then pay for and submit the orders and the whole thing will be delivered to my house  – where I will sort it and you can pick it up anytime from my garage. Just think: No more long drives to Whole Foods just for a tube of Tom’s Toothpaste!

Warning: The Frontier website takes a LONG time to look through – they have everything from snack bars to yoga pants and bento boxes! Give yourself ample time to browse through it.


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